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Dear visitor! This is the #1 site on 5Linx business in Canada. As of April 26, 2010 5Linx has not officially launched their business in Canada, but 5Linx is well established in US as the MLM business enterprise. This page was initially created to support 5Linx business in Canada when 5Linx will officially launch the Canadian market. Started in 2006 this site was helping people to make their business with 5Linx by providing: The following information may help you to make your own decision and understand if this business is for you or may be not.
This is a new and fast-growing MLM business. The business is based on the advertisement of high-tech products, such as VoIP phone, Internet, Cellular phones, local and domestic phones, Satellite TV, accountings and other interesting products that you can offer. Read more about the business...
Helping people to save money and get paid for it - it is a WIN-WIN formula. Here is the business that will work for you and that can change the way you live today. All your dreams will start to materialize quite soon if you are willing to work. Get your first step to build up your future.
Here is what you will be paid for:
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Who is 5Linx?

5LINX is the premier marketing Company in the direct sales industry committed to putting the representative first.
Its top management team founded 5LINX based on these 5 principles: vision, integrity, opportunity, freedom and success.
With over 40 years of combined experience in all aspects of telecommunications, marketing and management, they have come together to create a multi-billion dollar enterprise.
In just a few short years, 5LINX has achieved unprecedented milestones. It has the honor of being named on two prestigious lists, the Inc. Magazine 500 and Rochester Business Alliance Top 100, as one of the fastest growing companies. More about 5LINX and benefits...
Your benefits
In this new business there is no obligation to purchase any goods or products. What makes it very attractive to most of people:
  • no boss
  • no stock to carry
  • no purchasing required
  • weekly and monthly bonuses
  • there is a pure residual income in this business
  • and at the end you have absolutely nothing to loose!!! People are willing to try and if it works for them - they stay!!
Are you willing to try? Interesting? Send e-mail or visit our web site PRODUCT where you can find more information on the product we are advertising and you can us submit your question on-line or simply sign the guestbook. We are not trying to say that this is the business that works for you by itself, but we are trying to say that there is a great ratio between amount of effort you put into the business and the income you get in your pocket. There will be some effort to put up on front, but it is really worth to try - you will see. If you join the team you will be surprised the level of support you will get from everybody!! Your never work on your own - we are working together!! There is conference call training available few times a week that you are welcome to join anytime!

Take a look at the following documents in pdf format:


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Sign here and you will get the same nicely looking Web page like this to be set up for you or you may contact us to get the quotation on the personalized WEB design.

Digital photography service Videophone

We can also offer digital photography service for your business.

Join the Success

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If you like the site and wish to have one like that to be developed for your business or you wish to purchase the rights on this site, please, send your email to

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If you are looking for the pyramid, this site is not for you.

The customer and product plays important role here. You may recruit others, but it is not mandatory. You may build your organization just based on customers acquisition, residual income and direct sales. There are bonuses for enrolling new partners, but they will not be paid if there will be no customers or product involved. For people who are serious and want to change their life and open new horizons - this work will worth it.

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