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Internet Speed Tests
(download/upload speed should be 128kbit/sec and higher for good VoIP quality)

Some tests require Java machine to be installed. It is free and you can easily get it from Sun Microsystems

VoIP connection test

This test provides a very good understanding if your internet connection can provide a good quality on VoIP telephone service. You will see both VoIP signal testing and Internet connection speed testing. On the left of the testing window you will see small folders that will allow you easily switch between report and the test windows. Simply double-click on the button at the middle of the chart. See if your Internet Service Provider has a high-speed Internet.

VoIP Quality test

Interesting page. Requires java to be installed on your computer (normaly you already have java installed, so try it). Allows you to choose various destinations: Boston, Montreal, Vienna, London, Sydney etc. Shows MOS Score of your connection.
* MOS Score: Voice quality was traditionally reported as a Mean Opinion Score (MOS) on a scale from 1-5 where 1 is the lowest and 5 the highest. Back in the old days, companies would recruit people to listen to test phone calls and rank the quality of those calls great job, huh? They would then take the average (specifically the mean) opinion of all the listeners and assign that as the call's quality. Consider MOS 3.5 as a lowest acceptable for good quality. See if your Internet Service Provider has a high-speed Internet.

VoIP Quality test

Another simple test to check if your connection is VoIP ready.

Internet Speed test

Simply provides your Internet connection speed. Allow validate both download and upload speeds. See if your Internet Service Provider has a high-speed Internet.
Special note to shareware programs funs
It is very important to understand that if you download a lot of movies through your internet connection and you are not limiting your upload speed, the Internet provider may be doing it for you. So, go to check it. In real life if you set your upload speed to the maximum possible speed the Internet service provider may experience some technical problems since you may create a heavy traffic in the local area where you live. Apparently they will have a choice of add new very expensive hardware so other people living in the same area will not see the Internet slowing down or they may just limit your upload connection. I will leave you to guess what option they will choose :-).

Internet performance test

Another good site to visit. Allows you to choose various servers located at different places in the World and test your speed (mostly download speed) from these places. There is choice of tests to be performed.

Internet speed test with SpeakEasy

Interesting site. Allows you to choose various servers located in US and test the speed between you and this server.

Internet tests around the World

Provides various links on Internet test sites around the World. You may find interesting to test your speed when connecting to server in France or in other countries.

VoIP Speed Test results
(Take a look what results you should expect from various Internet providers)
DTA Box connections
(how connect and configure your DTA box and computer)

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