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VoIP Overview


Free SPA2100 Phone adapter for Globalinx customers


Videophone - amazing quality of image and sound.
VoIP Phone   Globalinx

Getting tired paying your phone bills? Try this service and you can forget about your phone bills. GLOBALINX provides the phone service that uses your Internet connection instead of regular phone lines. If you are already paying for Internet connection - why to pay another fees for regular line?! Use your Internet!
GLOBALINX does not only provide the phone service for very competitive price of 24.95$ per month but also provides a video phone service for the same price! Now you can see the person whom you are talking to. And imaging if they are your family, friends or business partners - you can see them and they can see you!!! That's the technology of today - go to get a good piece of it! Globalinx

Cell phones


Cellular phone (US only) 'Cellular' 'Cellular'

Cingular, Nextel, T-Mobile, Sprint, Alltel, US Cellular, Amp'd mobile, Virgin Mobile - all these carriers in one place!!! You don't need to look around - everything is here and yet it is less expensive! If you are already decided to buy a cell phone - you will buy it anyway, so why to loose your time, money, gas by going shopping somewhere else?! Simply, get your choice while comfortably seating in your chair and, probably, listening your favor music. Plans start as low as 29.99$! You should see the choice of models you can get for free with one of these carriers! Check for other plans available in your region.

Today free cell phone bonuses: (click on model to enlarge)
T-Mobile: Motorola RAZR V3
Motorola RAZR V3
, Motorola V195
Motorola V195
, RIM BlackBerry 7290
RIM BlackBerry 7290
, Motorola PEBL
Motorola PEBL
, Samsung T209
Samsung T209
, Samsung T509
Samsung T509
, Nokia 6030
Nokia 6030
, Samsung T319
Samsung T319
, Sony Ericsson T610
Sony Ericsson T610
and many other models.
Cingular: Motorola RAZR V3
Motorola RAZR V3
, Sony Ericsson W300i
Sony Ericsson W300i
, Motorola V365
Motorola V365
, Motorola V180
Motorola V180
, Nokia 6030
Nokia 6030
, Pantech C300
Pantech C300
, RIM BlackBerry 7290
RIM BlackBerry 7290
, Motorola ROKR
Motorola ROKR
, Motorola L2
Motorola L2
, Firefly
and many other models.
Nextel: Motorola i850
Motorola i850
, Motorola i836
Motorola i836
, Motorola i710
Motorola i710
, Motorola i670
Motorola i670
, Motorola i560
Motorola i560
, Motorola i730
Motorola i730
and many other models.
Sprint PCS: Sanyo SCP-3100
Sanyo SCP-3100
, Sanyo SCP-2400
Sanyo SCP-2400
, Motorola RAZR V3m
Motorola RAZR V3m
, LG LX150
LG LX150
and many other models.

Sattelite TV

Satellite TV (US customers only) 'DirectTV' 'Dish Network'

Direct TV and Dish Network are the biggest Satellite TV providers that offer you hundreds of channels of movies, news, sports, entertainments and a lot of kids channels. Free installation, clear picture and amazing sound - all this starting at just 19.99$ per month. There are many different packages available and your are one simple click away to start enjoying it. Prices are varying depends on your choice and everybody can find something suitable for his taste and his budget.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping @ overstock

Wow!! This is a HUGE amount of overstock items, gifts and products you can ever imaging!! You can find almost everything here: Home & Garden, Apparel, Electronics, Sports and Toys, Bedding and Bath, Books, music, Games, Travel and much more! And your article will be delivered to your door! Looking for gift? Party? Birthday? Wedding? What would be the surprise if you ask deliver it to person and this person will surprised by you!! Try to imaging how much time, money and gas you can save just by shopping online?! Try to be proactive and non-standard! And at the end - Save for yourself! This time that you save will not be lost in your life, so use it somewhere else!!


Internet service (US customers only)

You have a flexible choice of various Internet service providers and the choice of connections that is suitable for all kind of customers. Don't have local Internet DSL or Cable providers? Don't worry, try proposed high-speed dial-up connection that uses your local number and provides up to 5-times the speed of the regular dial-up connection. Don't have or don't want the dial-up? Well, you may try proposed Satellite connection, which may be the solution for mobile homes and as well for areas where the Internet DSL or Cable providers are not available yet. Pick up your personal solution - it's easy! Just choose the Dial-up or Broadband connection you would like to have!

Local & Long Distance Phone

Local Phone & Unlimited Long Distance (US customers only)

Home phone service with all the enhanced calling features you could want PLUS unlimited long distance all for one low monthly payment.

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