Before you will make any decision, try to ask yourself “Are you happy with your current phone bill”? If you are, please, discard the following message.

 If you pay more than 30$/month or if you wish to stop ask yourself every time you dial a number if it is a local or long distance call, take a look below.

 Paying as low as 24.95$/month, is it a good price to pay to forget about any long distance calls across Canada and US?! Saving hundreds of $$$ every year to give yourself a gift for Christmas and Boxing without having to work harder and without any overtimes! Simple by using what you already have at home.

  We are paying a lot of services today: local phone, cell phone, TV, Internet etc, etc. Are you using them efficiently? Does all this money work for you? My guess is NOT. While paying for Internet, how often we are using its growing capacity? If we are listening MP3 music, radio and even watching movies, why do not use it for the telephone? That’s what I am talking about. It called VoIP – Voice over Internet Protocol. It looks like a small box, called a DTA box. And it could cost you much less than a traditional phone line, but could provide you much more options. What kind of options? For example, Call Blast – the phone could automatically dial any additional numbers, so if you cannot pick up your home phone it will dial your cell phone or your other private numbers that nobody will know about. In this case you will not miss your calls. Or if you want keep your phone number in secret, you don’t need to dial *67 every time, the VoIP will do it for you. There is a nice feature that allows send your received voice messages to any e-mail address with received message attached as MP3-format file. You don’t need to call your messenger every hour expecting somebody’s important message. The message will be delivered to you. And many other features that you may pay additional fees today are free with VoIP: caller ID, voice mail, call waiting, conference call and many others. And DTA box doesn't cost you anything.

    So, after all this discussions, does 24.95$/month still looks too much? Well, what about taking your number with you anywhere you go? Going to US, Toronto, overseas? Take your DTA box with you and have your local number in Europe, Asia, Australia. Your family, friend, partners still will call you as they been calling you on local number and you will call anywhere in Canada and US for free. Still not sure or have any questions – call the number below. It costs nothing to ask, but it could start save you YOUR money.

Tel: (514) 448-6640 or (514) 448-6641

 Want something more? Well, for the same monthly payment you can get a videophone (purchased separately). Not only you will be able to hear, but you also will see the person you are talking to. And, of cause, the videophone works as a usual telephone.

 How complex the hardware is? I should say that some TV, video and DVD’s are much harder to install than the DTA box or videophone. Everything you need is supplied with the hardware – just connect one cable to the Internet modem and connect phone or phone line (if you want connect all house) to the phone jacket on the DTA box. Plug the power and enjoy. Do you need any help? We can help you to connect it.

If somebody tells you that you can use other caller cards or special long-distance numbers, just remember that these are additional fees you will pay on top of your regular monthly phone bill. Call today and start planning what you want to do with money you are saving.

  I hope you will like your savings, because I am interesting too. Next time I will show how to save money on other services. Try to think if all you pay today for services can be cut by 30-60%!! What would be your annual savings? Keep visiting this page while we are looking for more savings for you.

   With best regards,


Tel: (514) 448-6640 or (514) 448-6641

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